Prince Stephan
The 'four-fourths' of current Head of the family



The Avramović family. Members of this family are Nobles of Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, Yugoslavia and Counts of Russia. The family is of Hungarian origin and now lives in Belgrade, Serbia. They are the most ancient and eminent house of Belgrade nobility. In Serbia they have been nobility since time immemorial. They were Nobles of Agram (XVIII century); cavalry officers, diplomats, engineers and, more recently, university professors (at the polytechnic of Zurich, Switzerland). Their titles of nobility and coat-of-arms were recognized by Empress Mary Theresa of Austria with letters patentae dated 1.III.1751. This is the family of the mother of the current hereditary Prince. She was born in Belgrade, Serbia.

The Jovanović family. Members of this family are nobles of Serbia, then Yugoslavia. Originally the house was from Bosnia (XVII century) and later moved to Belgrade. The King of Serbia, Peter I Karadjordjević, had often been a hunting guest at the country residence of the Jovanović, in the region of Tara, Bajna Bashta, where the family possessed a palace, vast lands and a famous private bank. The family has provided ministers and ambassadors to Yugoslavia, among whom was the last Prime Minister of King Peter II who was in exile in London until 1945. Svetozar Jovanović was minister of the economy under Tito until 1948, when he was expelled from the Yugoslav Communist Party for being pro-Stalin. This family has produced politicians, diplomats, ambassadors, cavalry and artillery officers, intellectuals and bankers. This is the family of the maternal grandmother of the present Hereditary Prince. She was born in Belgrade, Serbia.

The Lascaris family (Greece). Members of this family are Hellenic nobles from Greek Macedonia. They are princes and descendants of the imperial house of Constantine. This is the family of the paternal grandmother of present Hereditary Prince. She was born in Salonika, Greece.

The family today is living in his home in Belgrade and the Cote d'Azur and is represented by the head of the house, HIRH Stephan Tchernetich, Hereditary Titular Prince of Montenegro, Serbia and Albania and by his relatives.

Because the houses of Komnenos Palaiologos Angelos Lascaris merged in the past with the royal houses of France, Aragon, Habsburg, Savoy, Russia, Hohenstaufen, Altavilla and many other famous houses, the Tchernetich can reasonably be considered related to the highest European royalty and aristocracy. The house of Jovanović is related in turn to Montenegro's nobles, Vukotic and Martinovic, who gave Montenegro its first King, Nikola I Petrovic Njegos. They in turn are related to the House of Savoy (descendant from Queen Elena of Italy) and other Royal Houses (Yugoslavia, Great Britain, Bulgaria, Russia, etc.).
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