The Imperial House of Tchernetich
Prince of Montenegro and Macedonia
Serbia, Albania and Voivodina
Hereditary Titular Emperors of Constantinople,
Romania and Greece



His Imperial and Royal Highness Stephan Tchernetich,
Hereditary Prince of Montenegro, Serbia and Albania,
welcomes you to the official website of his House

Their Imperial and Royal Highnesses The Prince and Princess of Montenegro & Macedonia and the Crown Prince H. I. R. H. Konstantin Tchernetich.

His Royal and Imperial Highness, as descendant of S. Constantine the Great and of the Emperor of Constantinople Angelo, Comneno, Ducas, Paleologo, Lascaris, Vatatze is holder and guardian of the heraldic knightly heritage of his House and as such fons honorum, precious evidence of a glorious past, that is alive and propelled to the future, carrying on values without wich the present has not roots.