The Imperial House of Tchernetich
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Cover seal Emperor John (Czar Ivan) Tchernetich of Montenegro, Serbia and Albania (front)
Cover seal Emperor John (Czar Ivan) Tchernetich
of Montenegro, Serbia and Albania (rear)
Serbian Orthodox Patriarch
Arsenius III Tchernetich, 1690
Coat-of-arms of Earls Abramovic granted by Empress
Mary Theresa of Austria on March the 1st 1751
Komnenos Emperors' flag
Battle of Zenta, victory over Turkish
(painting of XIX century)
Coat-of-arms of Emperor Tchernetich of Serbia dated 1605
Macea Castle (Transylvania) - picture 1
Macea Castle (Transylvania) - picture 2
Macea Castle (Transylvania) nearby Arad - picture 3
Macea Castle (Transylvania) nearby Arad - picture 4
Portrait of John Tchernetich, Prince of Montenegro,
Europe-famous academic, historian and writer.
Portrait kept at the room of the Prints in the Palace of Versailles
The Despotate of Montenegro at the age of Tchernetich sovereigns
Ancient Tchernetich coat-of-arms.
On the crest the Habsburg order of the Drake,
prize for the fight against the Turkish
Kastriota's coat-of-arms of XVII century.
It is manifest that it is exactly alike the one of Tchernetich of Montenegro
At the end of '400 the Tchernetich issue the print of the first bibles at Cyrillic characters in the Balkan. You can note the two-headed eagle of the coat-of-arms of George Tchernetich and his initials as "Czar an Emperor of Serbians"
2nd picture of the book
2rd picture of the book
Arsenius III Tchernetich in a medal coined by Socialist Republic of Yugoslavia
Princess Anna Tchernetich and her children portrayed by Mosnier, painting kept at Hermitage
Letters patent of concession of feuds and titles released by emperor Leopold I of Habsburg and Arsenius III Tchernetich, duke of Voivodina and orthodox patriarch of Serbians
Coat-of-arms of cadet branch Tchernetich of Podgoritza (Podgoritzan), earls of Russian empire
Prince Stephan Tchernetich dressed with hussar uniform of XVII century gives the charge keeping the flag of the Constantinian order of Saint George, Tchernetich private collection
Arsenius III, surrounded by hussars and his people, so called "black Serbians",
leads the famous hexode to Hungary and Voivodina
Emperor John Tchernetich of Serbia holds the flag
of the constantinian order of Saint George.
Private Tchernetich collection
Ancient Tchernetich of Montenegro coat-of-arms
Coat-of-arms Tchernetich drawn on Illyric coat-of-arms register,
published in XVII and XVIII centuries

Tchernetich coat-of-arms of 17th Century, kept at Fojnitza's abbey, Bosnia
Historical Tchernetich coat-of-arms
Coat-of-arms of some Tchernetich branches, earls, barons and Princes in Hungary
Emperor John Tchernetich of Serbia in a '800 illustration
The modern monument of Emperor John Tchernetich in Subotitza, chief town of Voivodina
Coat-of-arms of John (Ivan) Tchernetich, emperor of Serbia,
"of Macedonia and Constantinopolis", 1526
Montenegro, picture of Tchernetich river,
today Tchrnoievich,
among whose bights rose the impregnable fortress
of Emperor Ivan Tchernetich, Grand Despot
of Montenegro
Bandiera marittima del Montenegro con la tradizionale croce di san Giorgio
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